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    603-4296 4030

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    Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

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    603-4291 9989

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Project Description

D. E. S Design Network, incorporated in Malaysia since 1995 with the objective of carrying out a business of Interior Design, Consultation, Construction and Project Management for residential, commercial and industrial area. We have vast experience in Design and Build industry and backed up by teams of skilled workforce in both interior and exterior; carpentry, aluminium, iron works, ceilings, partitions, floorings, wall decors, furniture, glass work, M & E and fibreglass products. We offer clients leading industry experience, extensive knowledge and a systematic design process. We assured our clients of our reliability and fine workmanship plus prompt delivery in handling every project.

Our team will discuss and evaluate client’s needs and will take on the project from concept to installation and also to provide customers with unique and personalized designs, sample materials, colours and concepts which are consistently explored by our design team. Like every responsible company, care and attention is always accorded in each and every project undertaken. We aim to deliver projects within approved budgets and timelines.

The combination of teamwork, professionalism and technical know-how have always been the driving force in every project undertaken by D. E. S. With this approach, the committed personnel of D. E. S have time and again overcome difficulties and challenges in the course of their duties. We are confident of meeting fresh challenges as we ready ourselves to enter into the new millennium.

Design Philosophy and Mission

We were incepted with the vision of making it a company that is synonymous with high standard of quality, trendsetting designs and providing efficient services to all our clients as follow:-

  • To create solution on space planning and utility with practical and enriching spaces.
  • Emphasized on space utility and environment design.
  • To transform clients creative desires into reality.
  • To design and deliver environment responsive to client’s unique needs and desires.
  • Together with clients, to identify and optimize the available budget, timeline and functionality.