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Welcome to Topmix Laminate

Topmix Resources Sdn. Bhd. had been involved in high press laminates products from 2006. comprise of top-quality materials with excellent technical properties. They consist of cellulose selected papers. impregnated with resin and produced under heat and high pressure.

Comprises of quality materials with excellent technical properties:

  • scratch and wear resistant
  • not adversely affected by moisture. burn marks and stains. nor suffer from color instability
  • smooth and non-porous surface, does not support the growth of bacteria or fungi
  • good chemical resistant, can withstand all commonly used non-abrasive cleaning agents and aggressive disinfectants
  • heat resistant do not melt, drip or explode, retains their stability for a long time
  • impact resistant

If you’ve read above introduction of our product range and high-quality service. hopefully you’re getting the sense that:

If you wish to find a reliable supplier. you reach the right place!

If you wish to get best price and quality. you reach the right place!

If you wish to make your design into real perfection. you reach the right place!

Last but not lease. customer is our priority. We aim to build trust and good reputation in the market. Please feel free to call us for any enquiry we are happy to serve and provide you a satisfying