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Company Description

Flexible space planning is the key to cost-effective building design. To meet the needs, FLEXI-WALL has developed a range of ‘Flatwall’ partition systems that make the most of an internal space to multi-purpose buildings – such ad hotels, schools, exhibition and conference areas, restaurants, community buildings, leisure and sports centres or where space is at a premium.

FLEXI-WALL MP-series movable partition systems are practical, durable, and presentable and it offers flexible, effective sound reduction with Sound Transmission Class (STC) ranging from 35 dB to 52 dB. The systems are custom-made and all partition panels are based on a strong and rigid steel frame that is built to last.

FLEXI-WALL MP-series movable partitions are supplied in bare finish thus it is versatile to meet your interior designing needs. PVC, laminates, painting, timber vaneers and fabrics are some of the commonlt used finishes that can be applied on the panels. The single or double leaf pass doors can be fitted within the panels. Accessories including pin and chalkboard are available as optional items.

Since our partitions are used by people in the working, social or meeting environment, FLEXI-WALL has commissioned as inspection on a typical construction against criteria defined in DIN standards 1050, 1055, 52210, 3100. The consequent test result was issued on 08.0684 and was confirmed that the products meet those technical standards.

Where to Use FLEXI-WALL Partitions

  • Convention halls
  • Banquet halls
  • Meeting rooms / lecture halls
  • Training and conference areas
  • Auditoriums
  • Classrooms
  • Audio-visual areas
  • Multi-purpose rooms
  • Cafeterias
  • Fellowship halls
  • Stage areas, including drama and music rooms
  • Any place where reliable sound control pluss flexible use of space is needed

Contact Number
03-6258 7737

Kuala Lumpur

Acoustic, Aluminium & Glass, Operable Wall


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Tel: + 6011 - 2162 5145


B1-8-3A, Menara SOHO,
Jalan Perak, 50450
Kuala Lumpur
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